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Chicago Theater: Eddie Vedder

Chicago Theater:  Eddie VedderPhoto Jun 29, 11 02 57 PM.jpegPhoto Jun 29, 10 53 38 PM.jpeg

Last night I went to the Chicago Theater to see Eddie Vedder on his solo tour. The show was good but not nearly as good as the last time around.  I could complain about the beer being split on me, the crazy old lady in my row or the grown men who feel the need to scream in a primal way at a man playing a ukelele but I won’t.  Overall it was solid and it’s always nice to be in the Chicago Theater.  I wonder if when people from other generations go to see their acts in theaters are there still people screaming?  For example Neil Young played at the same venue earlier in the year, were there guys screaming at him during his show?  I just wonder at what age this ends?  Does the experience ever change?

Side Notes:

Eddie Vedder at the Chicago Theater tonight w/ special guest @julierubes on iPhone - #pearljamChicago Theater lobby for the Eddie Vedder concert -  #pearljam

* This was my third time in the Chicago Theater, the first time was for a tour and the other was to see Conan O’Brien.

Three Floyds Brew Pub.


After our helicopter tour we took the 10 minute trip over to Munster, Indiana where Three Floyds Brewing is located. I’m a big fan of their Alpha King Pale Ale and the Arctic Panzer Wolf so this was a trip we’ve been trying to do for quite some time. I kept away from the Alpha King since I can get my hands on it in Chicago. I started off with the Panzer Wolf and then I headed down the following list:

Pride & Joy
Dreadnaught IPA
Shark Pants

All of them were great beers but I probably liked the Dreadnaught IPA the most. I threw caution to the wind and tried the Shark Pants which is a Belgian IPA. I’m not a fan of Belgian Ales but this was much different. During our time at the brew pub I was amazed at the amount of people coming in for a beer at the bar and then heading out with a case or two.  I’m not sure what Indiana’s liquor sale situation is on Sunday but it seemed like quite a few people were stocking up.  I tried to buy a couple Panzer Wolf bombers but they were all out so I settled on a couple of Dreadnaughts.


Chicago Helicopter Tour.

IMG_1127.JPGIMG_1100.JPGDSC_2961.jpgDSC_2969.jpgDSC_2936.jpgNik and I after the ride

This morning Julie and I headed out to Lansing, Illinois to use our Groupon for a helicopter tour of Chicago by Sun Aero Helicopters. The flight was a 35 minute flight from the South Side up along Lake Michigan to the Hancock building and then down to the University of Chicago. I’ve never been in a helicopter or a small plane for that matter and I’m pretty sure every time I get on a plane I’m testing fate. In other words I was pretty freaked out for the first 10 minutes and then I settled in. I think if it was a windy day I would have been terrified the entire trip. I let Julie ride shotgun figuring if we went down I didn’t want to see it happen. That all being said it was an amazing ride. The weather was great so we were able see everything.


Side Notes:

* This is the video of our landing as the tour ended.


** Considering we were flying up from Northwest Indiana we got to see some great views of Solider Field and U.S. Cellular Field.

*** Julie has a lot more photos on Flickr.