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To all the people stealing my Lady Gaga Photographs…


Turns out Lady Gaga is much more popular than when I saw here at Lollapalooza back in 2007.  The photo above has been viewed on Flickr 58,920 times.  I have more than 4,000 photos on Flickr and it is by far the most popular.  Which leads me to this:


At the very least give me some credit.  I spent three ungodly hot days one weekend to witness what now sees to be a historic performance according to my Flickr stats.  Check the links below for some exapmles of this theft.  My favorite is the last one which is clearly written in Sanskrit.

Also, Ted Burke you should know better.  To sum up my frustration I will quote from one of your poems:

Each unused piece of the puzzle
falls to the floor
as we make room for fruit drinks
and places to rest our elbows,







4 thoughts on “To all the people stealing my Lady Gaga Photographs…

  1. Well, thanks for the quote to my poem, Nikky, but since the passage is, by design, oblique (a nod to T.S.Eliot, a favorite of mine), how the passage sums up your frustration isn’t clear. You might want to put on your thinking cap and explicate a little–you might happen upon an interesting stream of thought. But as it goes, you show on your own blog as did over at my Open Salon post that you’re a grandstanding snit-fitter who seems to enjoy a good wallow in the perceived injustice you’ve been served. As I said there, a simple request in the comments section would have done the trick, and I would have apologized for the use. But style says alot about character, Nikky, and your hysterical demarcation on the photo (since deleted) makes you as a crybaby. As did your Tweeter post. And now this post on your blog. Leaving the comment that might “steal” one of my poems seals the deal, Nikky. You’re acting like you have some esteem issues; this has turned into a wallow for you. You seem, at the end of this, someone not worth the bother to get to know.

  2. One man’s pirate is another man’s scallywag.

    ~Hypocritus, ancient Greek bullshitter

  3. Ted,

    It’s good to see you over here at my site, it should be very familiar…

    Now, I’m a little sad that you decided to take down the post (and the comments) and then recreate the post using another photograph. That’s cool, I’ll post a full accounting from your site for here later today for the historical record.

    (until then, here’s a screen shot of the act we’ve been discussing – a http://www.blackhandproductions.com/media/Picture1.png)

    In the mean time I’m still not sure why you are so caught up with my ‘threat’ to steal your poems, when you saw it perfectly acceptable to steal my photograph.

    As a bookseller would it be OK for me to take a book from you without paying and then once you confront me regarding the theft take great umbrage (I have a thesaurus too!) with you? That is what you did to me.

    You did steal a photograph of mine and for some reason you have taken great offense to being called on it.

    Let the dialog continue Ted.

  4. Ted Burke

    I think we’ve said as much as I need to say on this matter, Nik. I will let this matter rest and let others have the floor.

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