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Wrigley Field: Cubs – Yankees.

DSC_0162.jpgDSC_0121.jpgDSC_0126.jpgNational Anthem for Sunday Night Baseball at Wrigley Field: Yankees - Cubs - #Yearofbaseball #WrigleyFieldIMG_1061.JPG

Last night Julie and I headed over to Wrigley Field for the final game of the Cubs – Yankees series. We went with Bleacher seats for the first time this season since Julie was meeting some friends at the game and it gave us the most flexibility with a group. All weekend Yankee fans have been seen around town and it showed in the stadium. The game was sold out and many of the rooftops were filled but we were still able to pick up tickets under face value about an hour before the game. Brett Gardner lead off the game with a Home Run off the fourth pitch but the Cubs came right back taking the lead in the fourth inning off Alfonso Soriano’s 3 run Home Run. The Cubs continued to hold on until Nick Swisher blew the game open with a 3 run Home Run in the top of the eighth inning. The Yankees won the game 10-4 and took the series 2-1. This was only the second time in history that the Yankees played a regular season series at Wrigley Field, the other being in 2003.

Brass Band outside Wrigley Field - #YearofbaseballDSC_0010.jpgThe Bleachers at Wrigley Field - #Yearofbaseball #WrigleyFieldDSC_0040.jpgDSC_0046.jpgDSC_0054.jpgDSC_0059.jpgDSC_0060.jpgDSC_0075.jpgDSC_0078.jpgIf your score card doesn't smell like beer it's not Baseball - #Yearofbaseball #WrigleyFieldDSC_0110.jpgDSC_0113.jpgDSC_0120.jpgDSC_0123.jpgDSC_0131.jpgDSC_0138.jpgDSC_0154.jpgDSC_0159.jpgDSC_0168.jpgDSC_0169.jpgDSC_0182.jpgDSC_0183.jpgDSC_0195.jpgDSC_0201.jpgDSC_0201.jpgDSC_0206.jpgDSC_0208.jpgDSC_0211.jpgIMG_1058.JPGIMG_1059.JPGIMG_1061.JPG



The aisle I had in the bleachers afforded me great opportunities to document the vendors. As you can tell by the third photograph nobody was pleased that I decided to take these shots.



Various signs throughout the stadium, notice the electronic blinking lights on the birthday sign and the strict rules for TV: Do not raise your beer in the air. Last time I checked that was in the Bill of Rights.

The View From My Seat:  Wrigley Field:  Cubs - Yankees - #Yearofbaseball #WrigleyField

* The View From My Seat.

Father's Day at Wrigley Field - #Yearofbaseball #WrigleyField

** It was Father’s Day at Wrigley Field.

Wrigley Ball Hawks - #Yearofbaseball

*** Ball Hawks on Waveland Avenue.

****Year of Baseball Stats:
Game No. 11
Stadium Opened: April 23, 1914
Capacity: 41,118
Attendance: 41,828
Food: N/A
Beer: 3 PBR’s, 2 Old Styles
Opponent: New York Yankees
Pitchers: W: Sabathia, L: Marshall
Miles From Home: 0.7
Ticket Face Value: $80
Seat Location: Left Field Bleachers, Row 10, Seat aisle


***** The majority of the photographs were taken by Julie, except this photo of course.