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5th Annual Santa Pub Crawl

This past Saturday the big man hit the streets for the 5th Annual Santa Pub Crawl. We updated the route this year by avoiding Southport and instead made a trip around Wrigley Field. Everything was going great until our crawl crossed paths with the 7th Annual Sweatpants Crawl at Bernie’s. At that point we were surrounded by lame people in sweatpants. A girl proposed to purchase my Santa suit for $100 (I found this highly insulting). We moved on to Murphy’s Bleachers where unfortunately the Sweatpants people where already there. At Murphy’s an evil wench tried to rip off my beard and some kid tried to steal my hat.

Regardless of these outbursts we had a good time and the more limited crawl kept me functional throughout. We took time for photographs outside of Wrigley, and Sports Corner and Goose Island were great starting points for the crawl.

Side Notes:

* I might have hit the end of the line when it comes to Santa Pub Crawls.
** Previous Santa Pub Crawls: 2010, 2009, 2008 and 2007.