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Inaugural Homebrew Harvest

A couple weeks ago, Todd and I hosted the first annual Homebrew Harvest at his place. Todd, along with his friend Ryan, are also home brewers so we decided to host a party this fall with each of us supplying two different beers. The turnout was great and the beer was drank (which is always a good sign). Julie and I brewed a Blueberry Ale and a Stout. We’ve done the Blueberry before but this was our first stout and it was really good. I’m pretty sure it was gone by the time the party was over.

We kind went all out this year with signage, name tags and rules. We also tried to do some hand painted pint glasses but I wasn’t able to come up with a suitable paint in the week I had to prepare. Next year we’re expecting bigger and better things. We had a great turnout with well over 30 people, a 3 dogs and 2 babies.