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Minneapolis: Baseball & Beer

UntitledTarget Field -
Julie and I headed out with a group of friends to Minneapolis for the Mets – Twins series at Target Field. Being that it’s Minnesota and April there was a decent amount of snow on the ground. They managed to have the field clean for Friday’s game and the Twins offered free hot chocolate and coffee throughout the game. I think I stayed until about the 5th inning with the Mets leading by 8 runs or something. Julie managed to stay for the long haul.

Before the game and after we headed to Gluek’s Restaurant & Bar which is considered the oldest restaurant in Minneapolis. Gluek’s Resturant dates back to the early 1930’s but the Gluek’s Brewery has ties that go back to 1857. The bar is a large German style beer house with a good beer selection and live music.

Saturday morning we made our way over to Al’s Breakfast near the University of Minnesota’s campus. As expected we ended up waiting about an hour in line before getting a spot. Al’s is a diner that dates back to the 1950’s that is basically a building that has been wedged in an alley. They’re known for their pancakes.

Walking Brewery Tour

Saturday afternoon we headed out to three breweries which were all within walking distance to each other: 612 Brew, Indeed Brewing and Dangerous Man Brewing.

612 Brewing
After breakfast we hopped a cab over to 612 Brewing and began our walking brewery tour. 612 Brew took a little while to find the entrance as it’s in an industrial building nearly under an overpass. Their space was huge and they had the Cajun 2 Geaux food truck out front taking orders so we were well stocked with beignet. The brewery is rather new so the beer selection was small. I preferred their Zero Hour black ale over the other beers.

Indeed Brewing
After 612 Brew we walked several blocks to Indeed Brewing which was in a similar industrial area but a some what smaller place. They also had a food truck outside serving. The beer selection at Indeed was much better than the other places we stopped. I also like the old tavern feel of their brewery compared to the others.

Dangerous Man
We headed to Dangerous Man next but were temporarily halted by a doorman and a waiting period before we could enter. This setback in addition to our evening plans limited us to one quick beer. I went for the IPA. I wish we would have spent more time here but that wasn’t the case.