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The Wandering Goat


After attending my first Roller Derby on Saturday I decided to go a different route for Sunday.  Julie had bought tickets to this dinner party series that is being run by Top Chef season four winner, Stephanie Izard called the The Wandering Goat.  It’s kind of like a dry run of the restaurant she will be opening called The Drunken Goat.  The dinner took place in the West Loop at the house and backyard of one of Stephanie’s friends.  The theme was Three Floyds Beer & Meat.  I didn’t really get the theme as here’s what we ate:

  1. A pork thing with some sort of apple chutney
  2. Grilled octopus salad
  3. Lamb stuffed calamari
  4. Oysters sprinkled with some bacon bits and scallions (I did not eat the Oysters, Julie had about 4 though).
  5. Dessert was Black Dog Gelato in the choice of three flavors: roasted red pepper, banana creme, and lemon ginger. I had the banana creme and Julie had the lemon ginger.


*Side Note:
The rest of my photographs are here.

Windy City Rollers


Yesterday I went to see the Windy City Rollers face the Philly Roller Girls at the UIC Pavilion. The Philly girls were leading from the start, but the Windy City Rollers tied the match with less than a minute to go and forced overtime. There were some scoring discrepancies as they took at least 4 points off the board for the Chicago team. In the end Philly won 60-59.

If you’ve never been to a roller derby I highly recommend it. The only awkward moment came when one of the Philly girls got hurt and all 500 people in the arena went silent. The quiet was so intense that you could hear the girl cry out in pain.


*Side note:
*The night ended as it began: Hamm’s beer at Stanley’s.
**The rest of my photographs are here.


The Biscuso Wedding.


Saturday was the Biscuso Wedding at The Citizen Hotel in Sacramento.  Julie and I flew out the morning of the wedding and are heading back to Chicago today so it was a quick trip but we get to spend several hours at Sacramento’s glorious international airport.  The wedding was fun, the food was great and the photograph below sums up everything:



*Side Note:
*The rest of my photographs are here.
**There was a of course a silver sequined glove and dancing soon followed.