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US Cellular Field: White Sox – Tigers.


Yesterday afternoon Julie and I headed down to the South Side again for the White Sox – Tigers game.  There were a lot more Tigers fans at the stadium than I was anticipating but I should have known considering how many Red Wings fans show up for the Hawks games.  The White Sox held their own after giving up 2 runs to open the game in the first but the wheels fell off when Miguel Cabrera hit a home run in the top of the 9th inning.


Side Notes:


* Beerman doing what he does best.


**During the game I took the opportunity to head up to the the far seats near right field at the top of the stadium.  This photograph is from there.


*** I’m not sure what the deal is with people from Michigan drinking their beer with straws but it’s the point where I can consider this a cultural trait.  The Tiger fans started a ‘Let’s Go Tigers’ chant that I countered with a ‘Bail Out’ chant and that led to this exchange between a Tigers fan and myself:

Me: Bail Out! Bail Out!
Tigers Fan: What kind of car do you drive?
Me: None.

U.S. Cellular Field pregame - #Yearofbaseball

**** Julie and I did a walk around Bridgeport before the game with and had some drinks on the South Side.  This is a photograph I took as we walked by the stadium about 3 hours before the game started.

*****Year of Baseball Stats:
Game No. 9
Stadium Opened: April 18, 1991
Capacity: 41,432
Attendance: 31,037
Food: 1 churro.
Beer: 4 Miller Lights
Opponent: Detroit Tigers
Pitchers: W: Verlander, L: Crain
Miles From Home: 9.6
Ticket Face Value: $19
Seat Location: Section 518, Row 9, Seat 16