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Fish Fry Season

St. Alphonsus knows how to do a proper #FishFry -#FishFryFriday -Untitled
As the 2013 Fish Fry Season has come to a close I believe it has been one of the best in recent memory. Todd and I have managed to hit three Fish Fry’s in four weeks:

The quality of the fish at St. Andrew and St. Alphonsus was great. St. Andrew was a little better being that it was sourced from New England Seafood Company but both were real hand battered fried fish for $10. For the BYOB we made stops at either Half Acre Beer Company or Atlas Brewing Company for a growler and a couple of bombers. It just seemed like the way to go.

With St. Andrew and St. Alphonsus kicking up their Fish Fry game we no longer have to travel all the way out to St. Ferdinand’s on the West Side, plus these were all BYOB. Nothing against St. Ferdinand but their fish was of the elementary cafeteria variety but let it be known they cornered the market in Fish Fry entertainment.

St. Andrew - #FishFryFridayInside the St. Andrew - #FishFryFridayHouse band at St. Andrew - #FishFryFridayUntitledUntitled