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Queens & Brooklyn – 2016


Upon landing in New York, we worked our way through Astoria, Queens checking out a couple of beer bars including The Queens Kickshaw and Astoria Bier & Cheese. We took the train out to Forest Hills for the Paul Simon concert at Forest Hills Stadium where the show began in a deluge. There have been several reports of this being his farewell show.  Aside from the rain, the show was good and the venue was very unique.
That's Paul Simon up there. He and his band were amazing. Ended the show with Bridge Over Troubled Water.


On Saturday we headed over to Williamsburg, Brooklyn for the day. Starting at egg for brunch and then spending the better part of the afternoon at the Brooklyn Brewery. Julie’s friends were able to get us on a VIP list which entitled us to 10 free wooden beer tokens. Afterwards we caught the end of the Germany – Italy Euro Cup game at Greenpoint Beer & Ale and then had dinner at Cow and Clover. We finished the night at Mugs Ale House watching the Mets continue to route the Cubs.


Side Notes:

When in Rome...or, in this case, New York.
Not even in New York an hour yet and already having a proper bacon, egg and cheese sandwich.
*We hit the usual stops upon landing in Queens.
** Last time I was at the Brooklyn Brewery.

Toronto CAN/AM Hockey Trip – 2016

13119958_10154029687477752_1888798137611186686_oUntitledMid Ice Crisis finally scored a medal this year in the CAN/AM Tournament in Toronto. We managed a record of 1-2-1 which was good enough in a four team tournament to put us into the Bronze Medal Game, where we won 9-2, against the Angry Dragons from Buffalo.  We ended up playing four games in two days (1 Friday, 2 Saturday, 1 Sunday) with the Medal game on Sunday morning at 9am. We were a couple men down and considering the early start time it was an amazing turn of events to win. Also, we had previously lost to our opponent. Maple Leaf Gardens UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledThroughout the tournament we played at multiple facilities but our first two games were at the old Maple Leaf Gardens which is now the Mattamy Athletic Centre at the Gardens at Toronto’s Ryerson University. The setup is basically a recreational facility with the original facade of the Maple Leaf Gardens as well as the top of the area where the ice rink is situated. Probably the highlight of the trip outside of the Medal was being able to play at this venue.


Left Field Brewing

UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledWhile in Toronto I hit up Left Field Brewing in the East York neighborhood. The brewery was baseball themed and had MLB Network playing on the couple TVs. All of their beers are baseball related. A really nice small brewery. I enjoyed their Wrigley Oat Pale Ale, a great light beer. I probably could have spent the rest of the day there.

Side Notes:

Untitled*We flew Porter Airlines into Billy Bishop Airport in Toronto. Porter is run like I imagine an airline was run 35 years ago. Glassware, stewardesses, propeller plane. Untitled
** On my way to Midway the Uber vehicle blew a tire on the highway. I called Todd who had just passed me on the highway in his Uber and they were able to swing back around and pick me up. I like to think if Uber was regulated, a vehicle inspection would have noticed the complete bald tires.
*** Previous CAN/AM Tornaments: CAN/AM Montreal – 2015

New York Hockey Trip.

UntitledThis year we put together a last minute trip as best we could in New York. Due to some logistical challenges we ended up watching the Penguins – Red Wings game at Bleecker Street Bar on the Lower East Side instead of actually attending a game in person. The Pens won 7-2 in convincing fashion. UntitledUntitledUntitled
On Friday night we had a light meal at McSorley’s before closing the place down.  This is still one of my favorite bars anywhere.

During our stay we spent the morning at Grant’s Tomb where we had one of the more in depth conversations with the Ranger and then had a light lunch at Dinosaur BBQ before heading to Brooklyn for the evening.

Side Notes:
1. The Penguins played the Rangers Sunday night, this was our original plan.
2. Our numbers were thinned this time around, but we should continue moving forward.
3. Previous Hockey Trips: Washington, Boston, Philadelphia, PittsburghChicago,