Queens & Brooklyn – 2016


Upon landing in New York, we worked our way through Astoria, Queens checking out a couple of beer bars including The Queens Kickshaw and Astoria Bier & Cheese. We took the train out to Forest Hills for the Paul Simon concert at Forest Hills Stadium where the show began in a deluge. There have been several reports of this being his farewell show.  Aside from the rain, the show was good and the venue was very unique.
That's Paul Simon up there. He and his band were amazing. Ended the show with Bridge Over Troubled Water.


On Saturday we headed over to Williamsburg, Brooklyn for the day. Starting at egg for brunch and then spending the better part of the afternoon at the Brooklyn Brewery. Julie’s friends were able to get us on a VIP list which entitled us to 10 free wooden beer tokens. Afterwards we caught the end of the Germany – Italy Euro Cup game at Greenpoint Beer & Ale and then had dinner at Cow and Clover. We finished the night at Mugs Ale House watching the Mets continue to route the Cubs.


Side Notes:

When in Rome...or, in this case, New York.
Not even in New York an hour yet and already having a proper bacon, egg and cheese sandwich.
*We hit the usual stops upon landing in Queens.
** Last time I was at the Brooklyn Brewery.