Three Floyds Brew Pub.


After our helicopter tour we took the 10 minute trip over to Munster, Indiana where Three Floyds Brewing is located. I’m a big fan of their Alpha King Pale Ale and the Arctic Panzer Wolf so this was a trip we’ve been trying to do for quite some time. I kept away from the Alpha King since I can get my hands on it in Chicago. I started off with the Panzer Wolf and then I headed down the following list:

Pride & Joy
Dreadnaught IPA
Shark Pants

All of them were great beers but I probably liked the Dreadnaught IPA the most. I threw caution to the wind and tried the Shark Pants which is a Belgian IPA. I’m not a fan of Belgian Ales but this was much different. During our time at the brew pub I was amazed at the amount of people coming in for a beer at the bar and then heading out with a case or two.  I’m not sure what Indiana’s liquor sale situation is on Sunday but it seemed like quite a few people were stocking up.  I tried to buy a couple Panzer Wolf bombers but they were all out so I settled on a couple of Dreadnaughts.