Science and Industry Museum: U-505


Last week Julie and I finally made it out to the Science and Industry Museum primarily to see the captured German submarine U-505. We got to the museum first thing in the morning so we missed much of the school tour rush. We were able to tour the sub with only two other people which I think made all the difference.

One of the reasons the capture of U-505 was kept secret until after Germany surrendered was due to the capture of a working Enigma Machine.

This is video from the capture of U-505 on June 4th, 1944 (two days before D-Day).

This is video of U-505 being relocated from it’s original place outside the museum to it’s current indoor exhibit.

The rest of the Science & Industry Museum
In addition to the submarine, the Science & Industry Museum has a German Junkers Stuka Dive Bomber, one of only two still in existence. A somewhat related piece of transportation history is the Apollo 8 Command Module which would have never made it to space without the German Scientists that were secrelty relocated to the United States after the war during Operation Paperclip.