Detroit – 2016

With the Mets playing the Tigers in Interleague Play we decided to take a short trip up to Detroit to checkout Comerica Park and take in the Motor City.

Comerica Park
We got to the stadium early to have some time to work our way around the park as there’s a lot going on. Our seats were just to the left of home plate. The Mets didn’t fare too well but Comerica Park is by far one of the better places to see a baseball game. I’d say it’s very comparable to PNC Park in Pittsburgh.

Slows BBQ, Detroit Brewing Company and Jolly Pumpkin
In addition to baseball we spent the early part of the afternoon checking out Slows BBQ and then getting a beer across the stadium from Detroit Brewing Company. Afterwards we made our way to Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales to end the night. Jolly Pumpkin was a huge space with a wide selection of their beers.

Ford Piquette Avenue Plant
Before heading out of town we decided to make the effort to stop at the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant which is the where the Model T was first manufactured. We opted for a quick tour but it was well worth checking out. The plant has an amazing selection of Model T’s.

Side Notes:
* Julie really enjoyed the park, especially the Farris Wheel.